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Hi, I'm Angela. I'm an award-winning speaker, three-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, CEO of the Speaker Sisterhood, and podcast host. Basically everything I just named are things I never would have imagined doing 10 years ago. You can learn why on my Speaking page. It's all there.

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I work with women who feel pulled to do something bigger and seek the confidence, public speaking skills and supportive space to make it happen.

I love people who recognize the fastest way to the life they want is to create it. I can help you.

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Success Stories

I’ve been asked to be a speaker and done it (nerves, be damned). Even though I was getting paid, I never felt like a “professional speaker.” In part, it was because I was negotiating from a black box. Enter Angela to shed some light on typical rates for different types of events and tighter questions to ask upfront. It’s led to higher fees on events that fit better. Being able to anticipate those two things got me to finally put up my speaker page and organically invite people to it.
Kara Martin Snyder, INHC, Health & Lifestyle Strategist